Waiver of Fraudulent Entry and Criminal Convictions

Some clients need waivers for fraud, while others need waivers for crimes. Here, our client needed waivers for both. But with hard work and determination, RMZD is happy to say that our client is now a U.S. citizen.

“Ramon” has made mistakes in his life. A lot of mistakes. But he still thought he deserved to be granted permanent resident status (green card). He decided to consult with Reeves Immigration Law Group to ask if it was possible. And now, just a few years after that initial consultation, RILG is happy to say that Ramon not only received his green card, but he has also become a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Ramon’s case presented many issues. However, Attorney Devin Connolly, a senior partner of RILG, happily accepted the challenge of assisting Ramon and his family. The first issue facing Ramon was that he was inadmissible to the U.S. because he had used an assumed name to enter the U.S. In addition, after coming to the U.S., Ramon had been convicted of several criminal offenses. These crimes included theft, battery, and domestic violence.

Attorney Connolly explained to Ramon that he would need to be granted multiple waivers by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service before he would be able to receive his green card. Attorney Connolly stated that Ramon was indeed eligible to apply for the necessary waivers, but that the process would not be easy.  Ramon was willing to do what it took to get his green card.

Attorney Connolly began preparing an argument that Ramon’s U.S. citizen parents would suffer an extreme hardship if Ramon was forced to return to his native Philippines.  He discussed how Ramon’s parents were dependent on Ramon’s caregiving services due to their age and poor health (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.). Attorney Connolly also stated that Ramon’s parents’ health would still suffer even if they returned to the Philippines with Ramon due to their financial status and the lack of health care options in the Philippines.

In addition, Attorney Connolly also argued that Ramon was a person of good moral character despite his prior arrests. He conceded that Ramon had indeed made mistakes in his life, but that these mistakes happened when Ramon was a much younger man. He has matured and now prefers spending his time with his parents at church rather than drinking with friends.

Ramon was granted waivers of both his fraudulent entry to the U.S. and his criminal conduct. He continued to lead his life the right away after receiving his green card, and he has recently become a naturalized citizen of the U.S. Ramon is extremely grateful to Attorney Connolly and  RILG for helping him overcome the mistakes he has made in his life. He knows that he never would have been able to be granted U.S. citizenship without their assistance.

*Please note that we have referred to our client as “Ramon” to protect his privacy.

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