Thank You Notes

 Atty. Flomy and Vicky: My wife and I would like to thank you for your service over the last 4+ years. We appreciate all of the hard work that you put into my case.

E.B., San Jose, CA 
 I really want to thank Attorney Maridex and Joy for helping us with the entire process. We really appreciate all of their help!

H.H., Monterey Park, CA 
 We are so happy to tell you that we received the Certificate of Naturalization yesterday. Thank you very much for all the great legal support and assistance in making our dreams come true.

I.R., Honolulu, HI 
 I want to thank everyone at Reeves Immigration Law Group who worked so hard on mine and my wife’s case. I am so happy that my wife is safe in my arms once again! We are both so very grateful. I am so glad I chose Reeves Immigration Law Group to represent us.

R.A., Springfield, IL 
 Thank you so much for your help, Atty. Theresa. And that of Tonette as well. You guys were really amazing!

B.C., Pasadena, CA 
 Hope you are doing well, Devin. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help throughout my immigration journey and my husband’s journey. We really appreciate all your help! Also, I would like to give a special shout out to Attorney Theresa. She was amazing prepping my husband for his interview. The immigration officer asked the same questions Theresa asked him. Yay! Once again, thank you so much!!!

N.A., Palmdale, CA 
 Thank you so much Attorney Sara, Attorney Devin, and Joy. I really appreciate all of your hard work. Your law firm has helped make my wish come true.

C.M., West Covina, CA 
 This is my happiest day this year! Thank you so much! The way you organized and presented my documents really helped.

D.H., Norwalk, CA  
 I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Attorney Sylva, Brenda, and everyone that was involved since the beginning of this process. Thank you so much. I really appreciate all of the help and guidance throughout the process.

E.M.R., Redwood City, CA 
 I am finally a citizen of the United States of America! I could not have done it without you. It feels magnificent! Thank you so much! I would also like to express my appreciation to Francine Ang who kept me informed at every step and responded promptly to my questions and concerns. As a Naturalized American citizen, I take great pride in my new status. Thank you once again, I am grateful to all of you at Reeves Immigration Law Group.

H.D., Pasadena, CA 
 I felt so helpless and was very worried about my case since it was so complicated. I consulted with Atty. Flomy Diza and he told me would do his very best to win my case. After three years of waiting, my kids and I finally got our green cards because of Atty. Diza’s knowledge and experience. I feel so relieved and will no longer have sleepless nights. I owe so much to Reeves Immigration Law Group, especially Att. Flomy Diza, Maria Marcelo, and Ana Oreal. Thank you so much for your support and patience.

J.C., San Jose, CA 
 I wanted to just take a moment to say thank you for all your guidance during the process. Thank you for everything and have a Happy New Year!

I.B., Valley Village, CA 
 Thank you so much! I am so thankful that I found a law group as professional and super helpful in the entire process!

F.O., Riverside, CA 
 We just wanted to say thank you from our family. We received the letter that the petition is already approved. Tomorrow is his birthday and he can’t thank you enough for this great news. We’ve been with you since 2013 and you never fail to deliver! We’re so grateful for all you guys in the office. Thank you for all your hard work! We will never hesitate to refer your office to our family and friends. Happy holidays!

H.A., Woodland Hills, CA 
 This letter is my simple way to express how grateful I am for having you as my legal counsel. I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did to ensure the best outcome on my behalf, for being there throughout the whole process, for helping us understand each and every step of the process, and for always being available to answer our questions. I am grateful for your passion, dedication and professionalism. We look forward to your assistance when we petition our loved ones. Many thanks again. All the best to you and your team.

R.Y., Valencia, CA 
 I have known Atty. Diza since 2012. I have worked with him for my green card and recent naturalization interview. His experience and knowledge of a wide range of cases have helped tremendously. I am now a US citizen: I will be forever grateful to this lawyer and the firm that he represents.

WG Livermore, CA 
 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your presence and support during my U.S. naturalization interview. It's been a long journey for me but you made the whole process of the interview easy and relaxed.

I would also like to thank your whole staff. They are very efficient in handling paper work and answering all questions in a timely manner (with a special mention to Mai).

I am so grateful for your team. Again, thank you and God bless!

Warm regards.

M.K., Burbank, CA 
 There are no words to express how thankful we are to you. You can never imagine how happy and emotional we are receiving the good news. Thank you is not enough to Ms. Tonette for helping us with the paperwork, for frequently taking our calls, and for being so patient. Atty. Sara, you are heaven sent. It feels like you saved our family and our life. Our kids are blessed and lucky because they can be with their PAPA. And that’s all because of your dedication, hard work, & knowledge. Thank you! Thank you!

E.S., Torrance, CA 
 We just want to thank you again for all your help. We just received our green cards a few hours ago and we cannot contain our happiness. We waited for this for almost 25 years! Thank you so much. God Bless you and your family as well as the whole Reeves group. Stay safe always.

M.M., Round Lake Beach, IL 
 My husband has received his naturalization certificate. It has been a long journey and we could not have done this without you. We want to thank you, Attorney Diza, for all your handwork. We appreciate you and your staff. May god bless you. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

N.M.E., Hayward, CA 
 Thank you so much for leading us through every step towards getting a green card. I just want you two to know how much we sincerely appreciate both of you for going the extra mile to help us! You are the best team in the immigration field.

M.Z., Pasadena, CA 
 I have received your email that my case is approved! Thank you so much for your hard work. The RFE you prepared was perfect! This case is so important for me and I was nervous every day before it got approved. Now I don't need to worry about the case anymore - all thanks to you!

S.L., Ontario, CA 
 We can't thank you both enough for all your help and patience with us through this process. We're indescribably happy this is (almost) over and would really appreciate the reminder about the I-751 petition. 🙂

Thank you so much.

C.M., Northridge, CA 
 I just received my husband’s green card today. Thank you very much for representing us, at last all of our efforts paid off. Hopefully your company will make more positive results for others. God Bless!

A.B., Los Angeles, CA 
 We would like to express our deep gratitude for your assistance with filing my case. We are very pleased with its positive outcome. We waited too many long years to make this possible and it is now a reality. Thank you so much to your staff also who have been very cordial and provided us the attention that we expected. May you have many more people who will look forward to seeking your legal expertise and advice on cases like ours.

T.D., Wilmington, CA 
 You just don’t know how much it means for us to finally close this one chapter in our lives. We are so grateful for everything you have done. I can’t thank you enough. From the bottom of our hearts, we truly appreciate it.

C.M., Palmdale, CA 
 There are no words to express how happy and thankful I am for all your help and the expertise of Reeves Immigration Law Group. You guys make our holiday complete!

Y.L., Los Angeles, CA 
 Thank you so much for everything! Happy holidays!!!

G.G., Van Nuys, CA 
 Thank you so much for the great news about my green card being approved! I appreciate all of your hard work since day one and most of all your patience with me.

J.L., Hanson, MA 
 I just received the visa packet from the U.S. Embassy in Manila. I cannot explain the joy I felt after I received the documents. I praise God for recommending your law firm to me. I am so thankful to all of you. I do not know where I would be today without your assistance and coaching. May God bless you all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

V.G., Fontana, CA 
 We are already here in the U.S.! We would like to thank you for all the help and assistance you have given us. Thank you very much and God bless you all.

C.A., West Orange, NJ 
 My immigration process took 4 years, but during the process, Atty. Diza and Abigael Fernandez have always been there by my side. Both Atty. Diza and Abigael have been awesome every step of the way. They have always been available to answer any questions or concerns I have via email or phone. Finally after 4 years of patiently waiting, with prayers and the help of Atty. Diza and Abigael Fernandez , I was able to obtain a Green card. All the wait and trust I have in Atty. Diza was all worth it. Atty. Diza is worth every penny and Abigael is the best Paralegal. Both Atty. Diza and Abigael's assistance and cooperation exceeded our expectations. I would strongly recommend this law firm.

J.D., Antioch, CA 
 We wanted to thank you both so much for all your help and assistance throughout my immigration process. The long wait is all worth it.

R.V., Gardena, CA 
 Thank you so much for your hard work and efforts. It means a lot to me. Words cannot express my feelings right now. I’m super overwhelmed!

F.K., Moreno Valley, CA 
 I got my green card already. I am so happy with the success of my application. You made this possible! Everything went smoothly because of your untiring efforts in my application. Thank you, Attorney Michael and Sir Peter for helping us in achieving our American dreams. I got my freedom back now. I hope you will continue helping our fellow immigrants reach their dreams.

R.D., Boulder City, NV 
 The interviewed recommended approval for my visa! I’m so thankful and grateful to all of you. Please tell Atty. Brittany that her coaching worked like a charm. Praise the Lord!

V.G., Fontana, CA 
 We’re glad to inform you that we have received the Permanent Resident Card of my wife yesterday. Our true and sincere appreciation of all the hard work and great efforts in pursuing our case to make our dreams possible. Thank you very much.

I.R., Honolulu, HI 
 My family and I really appreciate your help and your hard work with my application for a green card. I will recommend your office to my friends and family if they need any immigration services.

Y.W., Corona, CA 
 Finally, I have received my permanent resident card! Thank you both for being patient and reliable the whole time! I will be sure to recommend both of you to any of my friends or family who need immigration representation.

J.S., Monterey, CA 
 Thank you for everything. You did a great job! I really enjoyed working with you. We will definitely recommend your service to others.

N.I., Los Angeles, CA 
 Thank you for everything, Devin. For your patience and for believing in me. You were magnificent.

C.T., Santa Clarita, CA 
 I wanted to personally thank you for everything you have done for me and my husband. This was a complicated case and you were able to get our family out of this! You put in all your efforts to make sure we had the best possible case to present and we did! We appreciate it all. Thank you again for everything, Devin!

T.P., Los Angeles, CA 
 Thank you very much!! We are very excited about the results.

I.B., Valley Village, CA 
 Thank you so much for all the life changing legal assistance you and your company have given us.

E.L., Lawndale, CA 
 It was an extreme pleasure working with you and your team on the processing of our Green Cards. Though the USCIS’ slow pace was frustrating, your professionalism, attention to detail, and excellent customer service alleviated our pains.

U.O., Woodland Hills, CA 
 Thank you so much for your help.

P.S., San Gabriel, CA 
 Thank you, Attorney Connolly. It has been quite a journey and I am truly grateful for all your help and guidance.

E.F., Las Vegas, NV 
 Thank you to Ms. Sara and to Francine. My heart is full of gratitude and joy.

L.M., Los Angeles, CA 
 Thank you, Attorney Lamoureux! I am so happy and grateful for all your help and assistance.

M.V., Fremont, CA  
 Thank you so much for helping me get my U.S. citizenship. I appreciate everything you and your law firm did for me. I will come to your office because I have a little gift for both of you to show my appreciation.

Q.D., Lake Forest, CA 
 Thank you very much for everything that you and your team (Mary Anne) have done for us. You were always there for us, giving us assurance and helping us feel secure. Thank you again. We will never forget you.

E.A., Glendale, CA 
 Thank you very much! We are incredibly thankful for your hard work and expertise. We are very satisfied with the legal services provided by your firm and we definitely will recommend your law firm to anyone we know that needs legal help. Again, thank you for representing us during our interview. It meant a lot to us.

J.A., Monrovia, CA 
 Thank you for your assistance, Geoffrey. We appreciate your repeat visits and providing the guidance and preparation to go in confidently and ready for any scenario. We scored on this one!

D.O., Orange County, CA 
 From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for helping us make our dreams come true. From my whole family, our deepest gratitude. And to Ms. Patty: our experience with your service is outstanding. You were on top of everything and had lightning fast replies to our e-mails.

D.A., Menifee, CA 
 Our deepest thanks to you, Atty. Maridex. We will be forever grateful. You are now part of our beautiful journey.

B.A., Riverside, CA 
 Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me and my family. You have been instrumental in our receiving this wonderful blessing from God.

E.L., Murrieta, CA 
 I would like to take this opportunity to thank Reeves Immigration Law Group. My special thanks to Atty. Amanda Kwong and also to Ms. Jane Carson for their excellent work, support, and help. I realized the American dream this week when I took my oath of U.S. citizenship.

R.M., Modesto, CA 
 Thank you is the least I can say to you to show my appreciation for everything you have done for me and especially my family.

H.O., Arcadia, CA 
 A million thanks to my amazing lawyer, Atty. Diza. He is very professional, well dressed and honest. My immigration journey was a challenging one and he helped me get through it. I highly recommend Atty. Diza. If you want to be amazed have an appointment with him. Thank you again and God Bless You!!

R.A, Daly City, CA 
 Thank you very much for the great service and assistance. I will definitely recommend your office.

R.A., Valley Glen, CA 
 Thank you so much! Especially to Atty. Diza and all the staff working on my case. I really appreciate your help.

L.A., Sacramento, CA 
 Thank you, Atty. Cross and Mai. We are grateful for all you did for us.

J.T., Los Angeles, CA 
 Thank God it’s finally over! My parents and I have been waiting for this for so long. All the hard work that Attorney Eric Welsh and the team have done are really appreciated. I couldn’t ask for a better team to help my family and I. Thank you so much and I will always keep Reeves Immigration Law Group in mind.

I.A., Reseda, CA 
 We thank you very much for the professional assistance that you have provided us. We remain grateful. The gift card will be treasured, saved, and surely utilized in the future.

E.A., Perris, CA 
 Thank you for all of your help over the past few months. My fiancé has already passed the K-1 Visa interview. We will plan for her flight to the U.S. after receiving her passport with the visa. Thanks again and we really appreciate all your efforts.

J.C., Monterey Park, CA 
 Thank you so much for the help regarding my husband’s papers. We appreciate all the help that you’ve given us and for providing us the support we needed. We wish you nothing but the best!

J.C., Northridge, CA 
 I received a notice to take the oath ceremony. I would like to thank everyone at Reeves Immigration Law Group, especially to you and Attorney Sara Cross for helping me with my lifelong dream.

E.M., Los Angeles, CA 
 We got our green cards in the mail! We are permanent residents now. What a BIG relief! We appreciate everything you did for us. Thank you!

S.S., Walnut, CA 
 Thank you very much for all of your help. With your help I was able to get my case approved and soon I will receive my green card. This is the best thing to happen to me. God bless you in all your work.

T.G., Lakewood, CA 
 I cannot tell you how happy and grateful I am right now!  and it was indeed a pleasant surprise. I cannot thank you and the attorneys at Reeves Immigration Law Group enough for all the assistance given to me to this point. I will forever be grateful to all of you. May God continue to bless you all as you continue to help make people’s dreams come true in this country.

G.T., Riverside, CA 
 A friend recommended the Reeves Immigration Law Group to me last year after I had a problem with my petition. I called the office and the receptionist was very warm and accommodating. I made an appointment for the following day and Ms. Maryanne assisted me. She was so professional and very friendly. My case was handled by Ms. Tonette and Attorney Geoff. They were amazing. Ms. Tonette always made sure that all my questions were properly answered and most importantly she made me feel that I was in good hands. We received our appointment letter and Ms. Tonette scheduled me for an appointment with Attorney Geoff to prepare for the interview. The whole process was awesome. Attorney Geoff represented us at the interview and I never felt nervous because I knew that he was there and was ready to do everything to help me. I would highly recommend this law firm. Their intentions are so pure, it is not just a money-making law firm. Kudos Ms. Tonette and Attorney Geoff!

M.R., Long Beach, CA 
 My mother and I had the pleasure of working with everyone at the Reeves Immigration Law Group, especially Ben and Abigael.  They helped my mother and I throughout the entire journey and now my mother and her sisters are almost all here. Ben and Abigael was very responsive and answered all the questions we had. Thank you for all the help!

S.D., Sacramento, CA 
 My mother and I had the pleasure of working with everyone at the Reeves Immigration Law Group, especially Ben and Abigael. They helped my mother and I throughout the entire journey and now my mother and her sisters are almost all here. Ben and Abigael were very responsive and answered all the questions we had. With their help and persistence, we were able to bring my mother and her sisters closer together.

S.D., Sacramento, CA 
 My wife and I would like to thank you on behalf of our family. Your professionalism, kindness, hard work, and commitment had made this process calming and special. We both truly appreciate your efforts towards making it possible for my wife to receive her permanent resident card. From the start your firm has treated us with dignity and respect. We automatically knew we had the right team fighting for us. Thank you again.

C.W., Garden Grove, CA 
 Flomy Diza has been our family immigration lawyer since we immigrated here in the United States. His expertise in his practice not only helped us obtain legal status in the U.S., but also ensured a certain degree of peace-of-mind that was helpful when going through the emotional tolls of the immigration process. Thank you to Mr. Diza and the firm.

D.G., San Francisco, CA 
 I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you. My mother arrived yesterday in San Francisco. My parents are so happy and are now inseparable. I wish your law firm success as you continue to embark on your quest to reunite families here in the U.S. Rest assured I will recommend your firm to anyone I know who has immigration concerns.

M.Q., San Francisco, CA 
 I just wanted to say thank you for everything you are doing for me. Your help means a lot to me. Every time I pray, you are the first person I ask God to bless because of all of your hard work helping me.

M.A., Los Angeles, CA 
 After the officer requested a long list of additional evidence, I consulted with several attorneys. Some charge very high initial consultation fees but had no idea how to win my case. Reeves gave me a very good strategy I felt can increase chance of approval. Attorney Geoff and paralegal Roberto were assigned to handle my case. Geoff is responsive, attentive, and knowledgeable. 10 days after my 300+ pages package was mailed, approval notice was mailed to me. They deserve a five star review. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any friends who have the need. Thank you, Geoff and Roberto!

Z.Z, Redondo Beach, CA 
 Thank you to Reeves Immigration Law Group, especially to Attorney Flomy Diza and Paralegal Abigail Fernandez, for your work and genuine commitment to your clients. I'm so glad I got the right law firm the first time around. My wife and I are now enjoying the privilege of staying legally in this country for good. Hope you could help more people like us. Kudos!

E.G., Fremont, CA 
 A family friend recommended Reeves Immigration Law Group and I'm glad he did because my experience was exceptional. You guys did a wonderful job. Special thanks to all my attorneys, Atty. Angela Ho, Atty. Lorella Hess, and Atty. Geoffrey Lamoureux, and especially to my paralegal, Joy Liu. Thank you for bringing my family together! You guys are the best!

S.S., Orange, CA 
 Thank you both so much once again for everything. We are incredibly lucky and grateful for all you have done. Hopefully we’ll see you both again soon for an appointment to begin the final step!

T.P., Orange County, CA 
 Thank you very much for all your hard work, and thank you for bringing my daughter to the United States. I will be going to your office soon regarding my daughter’s citizenship. God bless you and your family, and I hope you have a prosperous New Year.

N.A., Bellflower, CA 
 Thank you so much for all the help you extended to us during the procession of obtaining my conditional permanent resident card. Thank you for preparing us for the interview. We will be asking for your help again with the removal of my conditions and for my U.S. citizenship. We are so blessed that we made the right decision to choose you to handle our case. Thank you again.

H.S., Sacramento, CA 
 I hope you are well. Thank you very much indeed for all your support and assistance throughout this process. It’s been an absolute pleasure having you as my attorney.

S.J., Monrovia, CA 
 Shout out to Atty. Flomy Diza and Jane Carson. I would like to thank you for all the hard work, expertise and kindness in helping me to obtain my permanent residence. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer.

S.R., San Francisco, CA 
 Thank you so much. We are so happy that my application for a green card was approved. That is why we did not give a second thought to retaining Reeves Immigration Law Group after hearing and reading good reviews about your company. Our experience with you and Francine was excellent, especially when we had our briefing. Our preparation was so detailed, and we feel that your assistance to us was so personalized. Francine was also great in assisting us with our paperwork and she was always available whenever we had questions. Again, our utmost thanks to you, Francine and Reeves Immigration Law Group. God Bless.

A.A., Glendale, CA 
 Thank you very much for your help. I could not have done it without you. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to meet you again someday on a different occasion. I truly highly recommend your firm and will let me family and friends know about you. Take care and God bless.

C.J., Vallejo, CA 
 I received my green card from the USCIS. I want to thank Emily for her kindness and full support. I also want to thank Attorney Devin Connolly who encouraged me to apply for my green card in the United States and not to file the petition through consular processing. Thank you to Attorney Brittany Milliasseau for your time and effort in assisting us during our interview. On behalf of my wife, again thank you so much and God bless!

C.L, Chula Vista, CA 
 None of this would be possible without you, your advice and your expertise. I knew the moment I walked into that office I was in the right hands, if only we had meet you 3 years and a couple of failed applications before, but we are here now! I’m so glad you represented me.

Long Beach, CA 
 I just want to thank you all for your efforts to help me adjust my status after 12 years of struggling. My family and I will always be thankful. This day is one of the most memorable days of my life. I finally received my permanent resident status.

E.T., Las Vegas, NV 
 Flomy has been my lawyer for almost 10 years and my case is not that simple. He was able to help me get a green card and after a few years, I was able to get my citizenship. He was very supportive and during my hearings, he was able to make me feel at ease. I will definitely recommend him for all your immigration needs.

M.C., Castrol Valley, CA 
 We can't thank you enough, but we'll try. We are grateful you took our case and your confidence was most reassuring when we went for the interview. Without your aid, we might not have come back home. We might not have gotten our green card as smoothly as you have made it to be. This was a challenging period in our lives, and we're so appreciative that you and your team, including Romalyn and Beverly in the Philippines, have been there every step of the way. You have no idea how much your help has meant for both me and my brother. Thanks to you, we're one step closer to being Filipino-Americans. While we may be one of many cases, we would also like to be one of the many who thank you for all the hard work that you've done.

K.A., Canyon Country, CA 
 I must thank you and Attorney Devin for the support and encouragement given to me throughout my hard times. Attorney Devin was so kind and patient in answering my questions and guiding me all this time. Thank you very much once again!

D.P, Lubbock, TX 
 I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the care and concern you have shown me.  Thanks once again for your legal advice, time and efforts.

M.A., Los Angeles, CA 
 Huge thank you to Attorney Ben Loveman and paralegal Abigael Fernandez for helping me obtain my H1-B visa and now my green card. Not only were they knowledgeable and diligent, but they were also patient and understanding. Obtaining a green card is a long tricky process filled with much confusion and frustration, but Ben and his team were there every step of the way and made me feel secure in the knowledge that I had professional assistance when I needed it. Thanks again, you guys are awesome!!

G.O., San Francisco, CA 
 We received our green cards. I would like to THANK YOU for all your help! It has been great working with you for the past 5 years. Again, thank you very much. May God Bless you both!

R.S., Las Vegas, NV 
 My family and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the help and support you provided us, and for working tirelessly to ensure that our family was able to feel the joy that we feel now. If it weren’t for your help and support, we could have been separated as a family. Now we can stay together as a family. Thanks again for the legal advice, time, and effort that you gave us. We can never in a million years repay what you have done for our family. We will forever be grateful to you and the Reeves Law firm.

C.M., Gardena, CA 
 I would like to thank Atty. Diza and his staff for helping us in our immigration matter. Before we went to Atty. Diza, we went to several immigration lawyers but they told us that we can’t adjust our status. My case is very hard but with Atty. Diza’s help my waiver and green card were approved. In fact, I almost gave up and I told Atty. Diza that I would just go back to Philippines. But Atty. Diza gave me hope. I am glad that I trusted him. Atty. Diza is very knowledgeable, honest & humble. He is the best.

D.M., U.C. CA 
 I would like to inform you that I am now officially a citizen of the United States of America. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help. As if it was only yesterday. I remember when you helped prepare me and my spouse for our marriage interview in 2012. You helped us again in 2014 for the removal of the conditions of my green card. Again thank you for all your help, effort and advice. I finally achieved my American Dream. I am so happy that I am part of this great nation. Proud to be American.

E.B., Vallejo, CA 
 Thank you very much for your help. Finally, our family will be complete again after so many years! My mom also told me that you were very nice to talk with the last time you prepared her for the interview. I know for sure choosing RMZD is the best decision I have made.

S.S., El Monte, CA 
 I called to share the good news. I picked up my passport yesterday from your office in Manila. Thank you very much for all the hard work and most specially for your patience. Thank you very much!

J.S., Bound Brook, NJ 
 I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. You and Mary Anne have been nothing but amazing! Thank you again.

K.M., Northridge, CA 
 When hopes are gone trust Reeves Immigration Law Group. Atty. Flomy J. Diza (FJ) is not just a professional and knowledgeable immigration counselor but one of the most friendly, kind and considerate lawyers. Across the high seas and skies, almost a decade of stress and anxieties, he professionally and proficiently guided us and it's a SUCCESS!!! We are very grateful and lucky that we got the right person to handle our case. GOD BLESS RILG! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

I.V.R., Honolulu, HI 
 I finally received my green card. I cannot describe how happy I am! I would like to sincerely thank you both for the great support and assistance you provided me through the years.  It was not an easy journey . . . sometimes I thought about giving up.  But you both made it happen because of all of your efforts, patience, and the professional way you handled my case.  Thank you to Roberto for your patience and always being able to instantly answer my questions.

Lastly, a very special thank you to Attorney Connolly. I never doubted you when you said you would do everything you could and that “we would win this case.” I trusted you 100% and that kept my hope alive.  Thank you so much!

L.T., Bellflower, CA 

 My son has received his green card! My prayers were heard. Thank you for all of your support and professional work. May God always guide your pathways.

J.C.T., Santa Maria, CA 
 Thank you so much. I gained confidence during my interview because of all your help.

M.A., Philippines 
 Thank you so much for all of your help! What a blessing you and Reeves Miller Zhang & Diza has been to my family! Another prayer has been answered from God.

J.M., Bellflower, CA 
 Thank you so much for everything. I am the happiest I have been in a while. I am very excited to get this close to my U.S. citizenship. I cannot wait for the day I take the oath. Thanks a bunch for helping me with my journey.

K.G., Fountain Valley, CA 
 I am very thankful and grateful for all of your assistance throughout the entire process of me obtaining my U.S. citizenship.

V.P., Avon, IN 
 I would like to thank you for your help and assistance.  I would also like to commend Ace from your Manila office for patiently accommodating us after the priority date retrogressed, as well as Mary Anne for constantly providing updates on our case. Thank you for walking us through the process that we were going to encounter.  My daughter has arrived here in the U.S. and the family is reunited.

C.A., Sacramento, CA 
 Thanks a lot for helping me through the process. I’m really happy it was a success. We have always been very happy with your services and we are likely to use them again in the near future.

P.V., Los Angeles, CA 
 We would like to extend our gratitude for all of your assistance in processing our immigration papers. You are a true professional!

M.R.P., Chicago, IL 
 Thank you so much for your exceptional service. My life is completely changed for the better and so is my family’s life. We are very excited to see my mother. Thank God for blessing us with so much. Again, thank you Attorney Devin and Ms. Joy. God bless you and your family.

K.T., Whittier, CA 
 I very much appreciate everything you have done for me and my family. We will always remember what you've done for all of us and how you've touched our lives. Thank you so much!

D.W., San Francisco, CA 
 Thank you for everything. I just received my green card yesterday. Once again thank you so much! God bless and have a nice day.

E.T., Milpitas, CA 
 Everything went well and the visa was approved!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for our family.

T.R.P., Las Vegas, NV 
 Thank you very much for all the dedication and work you have done with such a tight schedule. I cannot express how much joy and fulfillment you've brought me and my family.  Thank you for continuing until the end and not giving up.  All the best to you and your team!

E.U., Los Angeles, CA 
 On behalf of our entire family, we would like to extend our most heartfelt thank you for all the help that you have provided in order to attain what we were fighting for over the last 17 years. We are grateful that you stood by our side during all those difficult times. Please also extend our thanks to all the staff at Reeves Miller Zhang and Diza. Rest assured, we will most definitely recommend the firm to everyone in need of help regarding their immigration needs.

R.M., North Hills, CA 
 My family and I would like to thank you for all the assistance you have provided us with regards to my application for U.S. Citizenship.  I will definitely recommend your law firm to our friends and relatives who need legal representation. Once again, thank you for everything.

A.R., Valencia, CA 
 I would like to thank Atty. Diza for helping me with my immigration matter.  It is finally over with his help and I am now able to sleep and eat well. Atty. Diza was really a great help in handling my case. I really appreciate it very much.

T.D., San Leandro, CA 
 This PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION will be here in time and memorial for their sincere work dedication and client personal bond. I cannot thank you enough, particularly Atty Eric Welsh, for the effort, patience, calmness and friendship. Your exceptional character stands out and is contagious to people you meet. You are very unique on your own way and we hope that you keep it that way... Humble.

J.F., Las Vegas, NV 
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I am tired from working hard these days but I feel so good right now. My three children just finished their interview and everything went well. You did an excellent job for me and my family. I cannot thank you enough. I got tears in my eyes again. Take care Atty. Lots of people need you.

J.A., Torrance, CA 
 We were so happy when we received the approval of my waiver and my green card. My case was very hard because of fraud, but Atty. Diza was excellent. My family and I are very thankful to Atty. Diza. Our Christmas and New Year’s was full of joy, love and happiness because of him.

A.C., Las Vegas, NV 
 Thank you for all the help in processing my DACA. This is such a big help in furthering my education and for my future. Me and my family will keep coming back for your great services.

C.R., Rancho Dominguez, CA 
 Thank you for all your help and support with my case. I feel free and relieved from all the stress. Thank you again and Happy New Year.

E.V., Las Vegas, NV 
 Thank you for all of your assistance with my family’s papers. I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work. I will definitely recommend Reeves Miller Zhang & Diza to friends and family for all of their immigration inquiries and needs.

R.S., Daly City CA 
 Christmas came a little bit early this year!  Thank you so much for assisting us through this process and handling our case with flying colors.  It was quite a journey with all the waiting and uncertainties but with your and Ms. Cassie's guidance, we were able to get through everything in a smooth, trouble-free manner.  We are so happy that we're both able to finally settle our status here in the U.S.  It was such a relief (whew!). Thanks again for all your help! We will surely recommend your services to friends or family who would need it.

H.C., Sherman Oaks, CA 
 Thank you to you and to everyone in your office who helped me become a U.S. citizen and fulfill my mom’s last request. I hope you are able to keep helping people. 

R.D., Las Vegas, NV 
 Thank you for the best news I have received this holiday. I really appreciate all of your and Attorney Loveman’s hard work and effort. I will highly recommend the firm to my family and friends.

J.P., Avon, IN 
 My parents received their green cards. We are all thrilled! We can never stop thanking you, Attorney Hess, and the rest of the firm for giving us hope through this whole process. Thank you once again for all you have done for us. We will forever be grateful for your services.

B.U., Torrance, CA 
 I am so happy that I am finally back home in the U.S. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. I will forever treasure it. Please also extend my big thank you to Atty. Eric Welsh.

M.R.P., Evanston, IL 
 Please call Reeves Miller Zhang & Diza if you have an immigration case that you need help with. I highly recommend this company. My case involved previous mistakes that I thought would make this a no-win case, but with Attorney Diza’s vast knowledge of immigration law I was able to acquire a green card and finally my U.S. citizenship. 

M.B., Las Vegas, NV 
 Many thanks to you and your team. I appreciated getting such good advice as well as your candid perspectives and opinions. Your estimates for the length of each period through the process was spot on and as I went through the emergency travel permit process I felt you were on top of all the different components as well.

D.H, San Diego, CA 
 We are so happy to have received my husband’s permanent resident card today! Thank you so much for all of your help and direction during this journey.  It was all worth it!  Please extend our heartfelt thanks to the great Attorney Eric Welsh.  Thank you so much and may God bless your enterprise!

W.A., San Diego, CA 
 I cannot thank you enough for all your support regarding my green card application. I received my new card in the mail yesterday.  I've been happy with the fact that the whole process was conducted in a very efficient way and I got an approval much sooner than I had expected. I will certainly recommend you and the firm to prospective applicants.

M.N., Los Angeles, CA 
 Prior to consulting and having Mr. Diza handle my immigration case, I had consulted with four immigration attorneys on various issues related to my complicated case involving overstaying, a number of marriage, deportation, and an allegation of marriage fraud. Mr. Diza sorted through all my voluminous files and laid out a plan for me to return to the U.S. with a K-1 Fiancée Visa after obtaining a waiver of the 10-year ban. I received my permanent resident status in October 2017. My family and I will forever be grateful to Mr. Diza.

M.T., Philippines 
 Finally! Yesterday my wife received a notice that her application for permanent residence was approved. The application for a Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility was also approved. My wife and I want to personally thank you for your work on this very complicated case. Your legal expertise on this matter led to a successful result and we are grateful to both of you. A big weight has been lifted off our shoulders and we look forward to a brighter future. 

V.M., Union City, CA 
 Attorney Welsh is the best!

M.S.N., Mission Viejo, CA 
 Attorney Brittany Milliasseau was great. Very professional, organized and detailed. She was very prepared, focuses, honest, direct and supportive. I recommend her to anyone.

D.O., San Pedro, CA 
 I want to say thank you to Attorney Devin Connolly and Ms. Joy Liu. My immigration case was quite complicated and I was so frustrated working with other immigration law firms. Attorney Devin and Ms. Joy were professional and efficient. It only took five months for me to get my Immigrant Visa and now I can see my parents and grandmother soon. I would recommend this law firm because the staff and attorneys are honest, efficient and patient. Thank you to the best immigration law firm!

Y.S.T., Taipei City, Taiwan 
 Today my husband was blessed with becoming a U.S. citizen.  It was much deserved because he is such a loving, caring, hard-working father and wonderful husband. We are both thankful for this blessing. Thank you to Attorney Diza and Patty for helping us through this journey. They made it possible with their knowledge and experience in what seemed like an impossible case. 

R.B., Las Vegas, NV 
 Our immigrant visas were approved. You have our utmost thanks and gratitude for the legal assistance you have provided. I look forward to traveling to the United States soon. 

A.A., Carson, CA 
 Thank you for all of your help. We really appreciate it. Surely, we will refer you to our friends and relatives. Your company is truly a reliable and competent one.

M.O., Torrance, CA 
 Thank you so much, Patty. I received my work authorization and I am so happy right now thanks to you. 

L.H., Las Vegas, NV 
 My sister and her children passed the interview. Thank you so much for helping. Bringing my family to the U.S. is my biggest accomplishment. God bless us all. Once again, thank you very much.  You brought a miracle to my family.

R.C., San Jose, CA 
 I would just like to thank Atty. Connolly and Mary Anne for their hard work and effort. We did it! This means a lot to me. I am really grateful for all your help.

A.B.G., Arcadia, CA 
 Thank you, Attorney Connolly and Francine!!!  My husband and I are so excited and cannot wait to travel abroad together now that we can!

K.M.K., Grovetown, GA 

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