Reeves Immigration Law Group Profiled in Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal

Shane Nelson’s recent Los Angeles & San Francisco Daily Journal article “High-Anxiety Issues” profiles a number of the firm’s attorneys and looks at what drives them to practice immigration law. The article also comments on why attorneys outside of the firm enjoy working with Reeves Immigration Law Group.

When discussing her own journey toward a green card, Partner Meixuan Zhang states, “I didn’t understand my own case completely until after I’d practiced for a couple years…I want them to understand exactly what’s happening with their case because my attorney never explained it tome.” She continues touching on some of the emotion that is involved with her practice, “After all these years, I still feel empathy toward my clients because of my own experience. But for some time, I couldn’t take the emotional burden, especially with family or deportation defense.”

Los Angeles labor and employment attorney Randy A. Lopez had this to say about the firm, “If you refer people over there, you know they’ll be taken care of…And they’re going to approach each case and everyone involved with the appropriate candor and honesty for these high-anxiety and stressful situations.”

Read the full profile in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal.