Potential Immigration Changes in a Joe Biden Administration

By: Ben Loveman

President-elect Joe Biden has promised to make undoing many of the Trump Administration’s immigration policies one of his first priorities. We expect to see many of President Trump’s worst policies rolled back immediately, while others could take more time and cooperation from Congress.

For example, President-elect Biden has promised to spur congress to bring legislation providing a pathway to lawful status for undocumented persons in the United States. President-elect Biden has also promised to restore deferred action protections to DACA eligible persons and to provide a pathway to permanent lawful status for DREAMERS.

Because this change would not involve any other branch of government, it is reasonable for us to expect to see the full DACA program restored nearly immediately after President-elect Biden is sworn in as the country’s 46th President. The new Biden Administration could reimplement DACA, including for new applicants, and merely indicate they are following the most recent directive from the Supreme Court, which announced that the Trump Administration’s rescission of DACA was unlawful.

Please check back with Reeves Immigration Law Group in the coming weeks. We will be highlighting other expected changes that we expect to see ushered in during the Biden Administration.