Maridex Eunice Abraham Offers Insight on Merrick Garland to Law360

Maridex Abraham was recently quoted in Aebra Coe’s Law360 article “In Their Words: What Attys Expect If Garland Becomes AG.” In the piece, attorneys offer their input on where a DOJ headed by Garland, Joe Biden’s pick for U.S. attorney general, will diverge most when compared to the Trump administration. Maridex offered her insight on how immigration cases might be handled under Garland’s leadership.

“It will be interesting to see how a Merrick Garland-led Justice Department will unfold and whether immigration will be a priority. Judge Garland is known for his centrist record, so his nomination appears to be a call for unity and a move to restore integrity to the Justice Department. One way to restore the DOJ’s credibility is to reverse the damage done by the Trump administration, including taking on immigration cases and providing a clear, unbiased interpretation of vague concepts in immigration law rather than using the AG powers to weaponize the immigration court system to serve a political agenda.”

The full article can be found below (subscription required)

In Their Words: What Attys Expect If Garland Becomes AG