Family Reunification in the U.S.

Many people dream of entering the U.S. and being granted permanent resident status.  But after doing so, they dearly miss beloved family members living abroad.  That is why one RMZD client began the process of bringing her mom to the U.S. as soon as she could.

For Kristine Tandoc, living in the U.S. was always a dream she held growing up in the Philippines.  Her dream came true in 2007 when she was admitted to the U.S. and granted permanent resident status.   But Kristine was not satisfied with simply having a green card.  She had new dreams – to become a U.S. citizen and also to bring her mom to the U.S.

Kristine started working with Reeves Miller Zhang & Diza to make her new dreams come true.  Her case was assigned to Attorney Devin Connolly, one of the firm’s Senior Partners.  Attorney Connolly explained that both U.S. citizenship and family reunification were possible, but that there were official applications and supporting documents that must be submitted, interviews that must be attended, etc.  Kristine was excited and was ready to move forward.

The first step in the process was Kristine’s application for U.S. citizenship, officially called an “Application for Naturalization.”  Completing the application required a detailed review of Kristine’s biographical information and immigration history.  And the application was the easy part.  The more stressful part was Kristine’s interview with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.  However, Kristine did great at her interview!  She passed all necessary tests and answered all required questions correctly.  Her application was approved and Kristine became a U.S. citizen in 2016.

Next, Kristine wanted to be reunited with her mom in the U.S.  They had had been separated for years since her mom had remained in the Philippines when Kristine came to the U.S.  Attorney Connolly filed the required petition and supporting documents with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to begin the process of bringing her mom to the U.S.  The USCIS took some time to review the petition and verify that there was indeed a biological relationship, but eventually the petition was approved.

More applications and supporting documents were required before Kristine’s mom would ultimately be issued her Immigrant Visa.  This obviously took more time, but Reeves Miller Zhang & Diza is now pleased to announce that Kristine’s mom has finally arrived in the U.S.  It took some time for this family to be reunited, but with RMZD’s assistance, it has finally happened.  Kristine’s mom is now counting the days until she can also become a U.S. citizen.

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