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Exploring Costly Mistakes To Avoid With An Immigration Status Change Petition

immigration lawyers

Making an immigration status change is, more often than not, a complicated process that’s made much easier with the help of qualified immigration lawyers. The process usually involves having to navigate through a number of complex interviews, background checks, and of course, paperwork. And it certainly doesn’t help that one little mistake could delay the entire process significantly. But steering clear of these mistakes can help you navigate through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible, with minimal frustration. Here are just a few mistakes to avoid when making an immigration status change petition.

This should be an obvious mistake to avoid, but it does happen. There’s no reason to ever be dishonest about who you are, your reasons for entering the United States, or any other relevant details pertaining to your immigration status change petition. This is a form of fraud and is grounds for immediate denial. Furthermore, you could also be banned from submitting status changes in the future. Don’t take the risk.

Forgetting Documentation
Most of the time, an immigration status change petition requires you to submit a number of supporting documents to prove that the information you’ve provided is correct and verifiable. These documents can range depending on your specific immigration status change petition, but they normally include birth certificates, marriage certificates, professional certifications, and more. Forgetting to send in a piece of supporting evidence can seriously delay your petition until you’re able to send them in for review.

Missing Deadlines
Finally, many people who apply for an immigration status change petition often don’t realize that there are a number of rigid deadlines associated with certain actions and paperwork submissions. If you miss them and you haven’t asked for an extension, your petition could be denied, and you’ll have to reapply and pay the fees all over again.

More than sixty percent of immigrants in the United States today have lived here for at least 15 years, but still, avoiding these mistakes means avoiding things like petition denials, higher financial expenses, and processing and case delays. For more information about finding the best immigration lawyers in Las Vegas, contact Reeves Immigration Law Group.