Eric Welsh Speaks to Bloomberg Law on California H-1B Visa Ruling

Eric Welsh was recently quoted in Genevieve Douglas’s Bloomberg Law article “Court’s H-1B Ruling Gives Employers Relief From Wage Uncertainty.” The article discusses recent changes to H-1B visa laws, with a new ruling deciding that companies will not be mandated to raise wages for employees with H-1B visas. Some companies had responded to the initial H-1B visa pay increase ruling by using alternative wage surveys, which had to show proof of other employed individuals’ salaries using salary data points from various employers within the same geographic locale. Eric commented on this approach and how some companies have struggled to adapt.

“The alternate wage surveys are definitely a popular option, because the new wages the Department of Labor were putting out were nowhere in line with actual numbers,” said Eric.

The new prevailing wages, Eric explained, “weren’t really based on reality, they were based on restrictive measures to throttle employers for hiring foreign workers and force them into the domestic labor market.”

The full article can be found below.

Court’s H-1B Ruling Gives Employers Relief From Wage Uncertainty