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Devin Connolly Quoted in The Cut Article “Trump’s Cruel Attack on International Students”

By: Reeves Immigration Law Group

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Devin Connolly was recently quoted in Anna Silman’s article in The Cut, “Trump’s Cruel Attack on International Students.” The piece discusses the Trump administration’s now-rescinded order stating that international students would have to move back to their home countries to finish their coursework, which is now online. There was controversy regarding the motivation behind the administration’s order.

Devin shared his thoughts about the motivation behind the order: “’If you look at the bigger picture of everything Trump has been doing since 2016, it has been to limit immigration.'”

Devin also comments on schools filing lawsuits to prevent DHS and ICE from enacting the policy, as well as the schools signing briefs in support of the lawsuit.

“I think everybody’s going to do what they can. But sadly, I do think there are going to be a lot of people who fall through the cracks,” says Devin. “I think there’s going to be a lot of international students who are unable to take in-person classes. So they are risking deportation and it just adds to the number of people here without lawful status.”